2021 Fundraising Event

Online Silent Auction Begins
Oct 17th - Closing Oct 23rd

We are so saddened to announce that we are having to cancel our October Fundraising Gala.


We are raising money to begin to have a savings account for the bunnies' medical expenses, being able to help the sick/injured bunnies that come our way. Right now we are scraping by making ends meet, but would like to start having some breathing room. We also are raising money to cover the overhead expenses such as kibble, litter, kennels, vegetables, etc. As a 501c3 Rescue, all donations and purchases in our silent auction are tax-deductible :) 


We will open the Auction for 1 week for bidding.

On Oct 24th we will be having an adoption event and auction item winner announcement and pick up (Items can also be shipped).

How the Auction Works

Our Auction is held online at go.rallyup.com/thebunnytrailrescuefundraiser

It will be "Proxy Bidding" to allow you to bid, without having to sit by the computer the entire time to make sure you win.

Proxy Bidding

Proxy bidding allows the donor to enter a (secret) maximum bid amount for each item that they are interested in. The auction then operates like an English-style auction, except that the system automatically bids for the bidder who entered a maximum bid whenever they are outbid. The system bids the minimum amount necessary to keep the bidder in the top-bidder position, but only until their maximum proxy bid is reached. 



Item A– starting bid of $100 and bid increment of $10. 

Bidder 1 – places a bid of $100 for the item and enters a maximum bid of $170. The current bid on the auction page will show $110 ($100 current bid + $10 increment).  

Bidder 2 visits the auction and sees the current bid price at $110. If bidder 2 decides to bid $120, he will be outbid immediately by bidder 1. The new current bid that shows on the campaign page changes to $130 (what bidder 2 was willing to pay plus the $10 increment). Bidder 2 would have to place a bid of $180 ($170 (bidder 1’s max bid) + $10 (bid increment)) to be the winning bid on the item. 

If the auction ended right then, bidder 1 would win the prize at $130. Bidder 1 was willing to pay $170 but only paid $130 for the item.  This means that your charity would have received $40 more if English bidding was chosen.