Adoption Fees & Forms

Adoption Fee $150

All adoption fees are non-refundable. 

We recommend giving the rabbits at least one full month to settle in and get adjusted. 

We do not recommend giving rabbits as presents to people. All potential owners must be present at the time of adoption.. All Adopters must be 18yrs or older, if they are not a parent must be present.

Our Process - Adoption/Foster-to-Adopt

Please fill out the adoption application for the rabbit you would like to meet. This application will also go over all requirements we ask of our adopters to have in order to adopt. 

Our $150 adoption fee includes the spay/neuter, and if available the RHDV Vaccine. 

If you would like to foster before committing to the adoption, we can offer foster-to-adopt which will allow you to have first say if another adopter does come along interested in adopting the rabbit.

We are a foster dependent facility, we do not have all rabbits on site, in fact only a small few. The best way to meet all of our rabbits is by appointment or at our adoption events when our fosters and surrendering owners bring their rabbits for a meet & greet. 

*As a rescue - we do reserve the right to refuse an adoption based on doing what is in the best interest and safety for the bunny. 

Rabbit Surrenders

All Surrenders we request that a donation in the form of supplies or financial is appreciated.

We want to be able to help all bunny parents even during the hard times. If you are able to foster your rabbit until it is adopted that helps out more than you know.  We currently are at capacity, and there is a waitlist for intake so it may be a 2-3 month wait for surrenders.

Any and all abandoned rabbits will be reported to the appropriate authorities. 

Our Process - Intake

Currently, our city limits our amount of intakes - We ask that all surrendered rabbit owners fill out the Surrender form on our website in order to be added to our waitlist.

We ask all owners to please send us photos and information on your rabbit so we can post your rabbit on our website as well as Petfinder. This will allow a better chance of being adopted. Once a foster home is available, or someone willing to foster-to-adopt, or even adopt, we will reach out to you for intake.

At intake, we will make your rabbit a spay/neuter appointment (if applicable) and make all arrangements for transportation (whether it be us, you, or the foster/adopter) taking the rabbit to its appointment.

*almost all photos of rabbits available for adoption are taken by the owners*


We recommend all rabbits are spayed and neutered, if you are interested in a lower-cost spay/neuter we would love to help put you in contact with our vet and help you get an appointment.

*Prior to the spay/neuter appointments do NOT withhold food and water. Make sure you bring your rabbits current food/hay with them to the spay/neuter appointment so they are able to eat and drink before and after the appointment.

*We will not place any non-altered rabbits in a home with any other non-altered rabbits. 


We always recommend rabbits are placed in indoor homes, as this is the better environment for domestic rabbits.

All rabbit enclosures should be at least 4xs the rabbit’s size - Please also read: