Our Mission Statement

Help pets in need through sheltering, adoption, education, spay/neuter, and community outreach.

Our Story

Virginia and Bethany have been friends for years, bonding over rescue bunnies. They were both known in their areas as the “Bunny Ladies”. People would come to them with questions and needing guidance.

When Bethany and Virginia met they were both volunteering for rescues out of town and transporting bunnies out of Fresno County to the most local rescue (closest being 3hrs away). 

Being a bunny lover and a rescue volunteer they began to realize that there were many problems in the rescue world. With overpopulation, rabbits being abandoned or dumped, lack of knowledge of rabbit care. It was at this point that they teamed up and made the decision to answer the call.


Within the first month, they had over 30 surrender requests some being rabbits found in the streets, or being dumped.

By day 60 they had over 80. 

As of September 2021 they have had over 40 adoptions, averaging around 10 adoptions a month. However, they still have a long waitlist for intake and more at shelters waiting to be pulled. 

With 30 adoptable rabbits (between foster homes, and 2 locations), they are at capacity and are not able to do any more intakes until they have more adoptions.


The Bunny Trail has been a source of education for local bunny parents. They try to help answer all questions that bunny parents may have from “What foods should they not eat” to “My bunny isn’t eating or drinking, what should we do”. 


Our main mission is to bring awareness to domestic rabbits. How great and amazing of pets they can be.